The Use Of Blenders In Restaurants

In your resturant, you have the power to make not only a tasty but also a healthy smoothie or shake. If you are really in need of the finest blender in terms of dishwasher safety, durability and also a high crush cycle, the ideal choice would be a Hamilton Beach type.

Frozen drink blender – So as to get that ice crushing, the best choice would automatically be a frozen drink blender of Hamilton’s Beach. With such an asset, you are without doubt going to be capable of creating pina coladas, margaritas and even daiquiris. So as to acquire a uniform distribution of ice, the blender has or is designed in a way that enables it to pull all the mixture of crushed ice to the bottom.

Food chopper blender – this type is best suited when it comes to blending or chopping vegetables or food items. They are well manufactured and equipped with features such as chopper blades and powerful blending blades so as to enable its two distinct or unique functions. With such a blender, you are able to do much more than just chopping onions and making of soup.

Commercial blender – this type of blender is far much better especially if it has got to do with the need of a professional blender which is to be part of your catering equipment in your restaurant. Due to its three horse power capability, its made in a way that it can be used on a daily basis and is also durable. Its uses are, grinding of nuts, making of soup, making of sauces and in the blending of vegetables.

Handheld blender – when you want to mix or blend any ingredients you have into a mixing bowl directly, this type of blender proves handy for such a task. Its easily cleaned because of its handle which has got an easy grip and handles that are removed and cleaned easily. This makes its easy for you to maneuver with it. It’s therefore the best for pureeing, mixing, whipping and blending.

Multifunction blender – this are perfect enough to blend anything you may wish to. Such blenders are made of great and powerful blades with a capacity to mix puree or dice, chop vegetables and even crush ice just the way you like it. With such versatility, power and durability, its a must have equipment that encourages -the use of blenders in restaurants.

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